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Fusion LA is proud to host the P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge in Israel. The goal of the Innovation Challenge is to identify talented entrepreneurs working on innovations that will change consumers’ lives.

Focus Areas

Two Elderly people enjoying a day in the sun on a Bench

Redefining Aging at Home

Research consistently shows that older Americans prefer to live independently and age in their own homes.
P&G Ventures wants to help make that possible for more people with solutions that that de-risk showering and improve personal hygiene, address incontinence, manage hydration levels, address fragile skin and wounds, and improve mobility.
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Plants treated with toxic free instect control products

Non-toxic Insect Control for Home and Family

The global home insecticide market is dominated by chemicals that are toxic to insects, people, and pets.
P&G Ventures is interested in insect control products and technologies that control insects in and out of the home and on plants, that are non-toxic to people and pets, and perform as well or better than their toxic counterparts.
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Personal perdormance

Maximizing Mental and Physical Performance

Consumers want to know they are living to their highest potential, confident they are healthy in body and mind.
P&G Ventures is looking for solutions that aid in effective breathing and that build resistance to stress, distraction or cognitive decline.
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Balanced Protection is a P&G Focus area

Balanced Protection

People want to be protected from “bad” bacteria while not getting rid of the “good” bacteria. P&G Ventures is looking for products that can connect with existing habits to help people feel as though they’ve successfully cleaned their homes without overcleaning, while allowing them to take the safety of their homes wherever they go. P&G Ventures is particularly interested in solutions that sanitize soft surfaces like clothing, carpet, and upholstery.
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Better Sleep  is a P&G Focus area

Improving Sleep Through Environment

Medical experts say sleep is vital to good health, but few people actually are getting adequate sleep. P&G Ventures is looking for solutions that create better sleep environments to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed.
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Wonams Wellness  is a P&G Focus area

Women's Wellness

Women want—and deserve—to live vibrant, active lives from their teens through their golden years, but their unique health issues can make that difficult. P&G Ventures is looking for solutions that address issues ranging from menopause symptoms to migraines, from UTIs to yeast infections, from painful sex to stress incontinence, and other uniquely female challenges.
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Emerging Frontiers

P&G Ventures is interested in consumable products that are (1) not in one of P&G’s current categories, (2) not businesses P&G has exited (food, beverage, Rx, pet, fine fragrance, color cosmetics, hair color), and (3) that improve peoples’ lives by solving pain points, providing noticeable superiority and has an ownable benefit.
P&G Ventures has a particular interest in solutions that keep valuable items at their best, bring the qualities of nature and outdoors into their homes in order to create a healing, nurturing environment or make it easy for consumers to turn their homes and communities into resilient, smart, productive and resource-efficient micro-systems that use less and reuse more.
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A prize of


The winner will receive a $10,000 non-diluted grant and an opportunity to partner with P&G Ventures, as well as 10 free hours of legal and patent consultation provided by Pearl Cohen, worth $2,000.
All finalists will receive 4 free hours of legal and patent consultation provided by Pearl Cohen.

What are we looking for?

  • Start-ups in their pre seed/ seed stages
  • Startups that raised up to $3M
  • Technology-based ventures
  • Physical consumable products

How do we pick the winners?

Competative advantage
Technology and innovation
Fit to P&G Ventures focus areas
Judges' assesment
Team's strenghts

The Challenge's Timeline

Contest Timelinecontest timeline mobile

Judges Panel

Judge portrait
P&G Logo
Leigh Radford
P&G SVP, Founder and GM of P&G Ventures
Leigh Radford is the Senior Vice President and Founder of P&G Ventures, P&G’s early-stage startup studio that creates and grows brands and businesses by building win-win partnerships with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and startups.  Leigh is regarded as one of P&G’s most innovative business leaders and world-class brand builders. Her accomplishments have been recognized across the industry including: Brand Innovators’ Top 100 Women to Watch, OTC Marketer of the Year and Ad Age Top 50 Marketers.
Judge portrait
P&G Logo
Alan Goldstein
Managing Director
P&G Ventures
With the mission of creating $B businesses in new areas for P&G, Alan leverages his global network with start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors to identify and establish partnerships, grounded in Science that address critical consumer pain points.  With more than 30 granted patents, Alan is a passionate innovator with a relentless pursuit to deliver game-changing consumer experiences. He has 30 years of experience delivering Disruptive and Consumer Product Innovations, including the creation of new brands such Febreze, Swiffer and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
Judge portrait
P&G Logo
Julie Setser
P&G SVP, R&D leader of
P&G Ventures
Julie has responsibility for development of superior, proprietary products in new P&G Categories.  Recent launches include Zevo  (insect control) and Opte (a breakthrough beauty device). Julie leads P&G’s Irresistible Superiority strategy, ensuring that P&G has the tools and best practices to assess and design product and package superiority that improves consumers’ lives. Julie led P&G’s multifunctional effort to adopt agile/lean innovation, enabling the creation of an Enterprise portfolio of over 100 new start-ups.
Judge portrait
P&G Logo
Orr Hameiri
Director of Global Innovation, Procter & Gamble
Part of P&G Global Technology Innovation Team, Orr is leading P&G innovation activities as well as P&G Ventures activities in Israel. His key goal is to create a sustainable competitive advantage for P&G by partnering with top entrepreneurs, VCs and researchers around the world, in order to incorporate their disruptive technologies within P&G Global Business Units.
Judge portrait
vintage logo
Orly Glick
Vintage Investment Partners
Orly is a Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, a $2.1B global venture fund, where she invests in funds and late stage startups in Israel, Europe and the US and leading the value-added services department working with multinationals seeking startups for their digital transformation. Prior to Vintage, Orly worked for McKinsey & Company in Belgium, Merrill Lynch in California, HP in the Netherlands and led and invested in several technology startups.

Judge portrait
Daniel Cohen
General Partner
Viola Ventures
Daniel Cohen is a General Partner at Viola Ventures, who specializes in Consumer Internet, e-Commerce and SaaS. He currently serves on the board of Lightricks , Puls , Ex.co, Ruti and Maapilim. Daniel joined Viola Ventures in April 2013 after 11 years at Gemini Israel Ventures. He began his career as a developer and product manager. Danny is a graduate of the Kauffman Fellows Program and holds a BA in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Judge portrait
Netalie Nadivi
General Partner
Netalie has over 20 years of professional experience in technology start-up and global corporate environments. Netalie spent over a decade at Philips in various corporate capacities including Director of Business Development and M&A. Prior to Philips, Netalie gained experience in a technology start-up and a start-up studio that set up companies from stage zero. Netalie holds a M.S. in Management from Boston University and a B.A. in Legal Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.
Judge portrait
Yaron Daniely
Dr. Yaron Daniely is a Partner at aMoon, and the Head of aMoon Alpha. Before joining aMoon, Dr. Daniely was President & CEO of Yissum, Hebrew University's Technology Transfer Company. Before Yissum, he spent 14 years as a senior executive (including 10 years as CEO) in private and NASDAQ-traded Biopharma and Biotech companies. Yaron earned his PhD from the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at NYU and holds an MBA degree from the Technion.
Judge portrait
Omri Boral
Co-Founder and CEO TechForGood
TechForGood harnesses innovative technologies and a double-bottom-line mindset to capture the opportunities of addressing global social and environmental challenges. Working with corporations, governments and NGOs to cultivate groundbreaking impact innovation, TechForGood aims to generate positive impact alongside business value. Omri is one of the founding figures of the Israeli impact ecosystem, a serial entrepreneur, developer of impact practices for startups and corporates, and an international speaker on impact and innovation.
Judge portrait
Guy Katsovich
Fusion LA
Guy Katsovich is the Co-Founder of Fusion LA, the first accelerator for Israeli start-ups in Los Angeles. In less than 3 years, Fusion LA backed 49 early-stage companies, and was voted Israel's best accelerator for 2020. Guy is a Board Member at 8200 EISP, and is a founding board member of numerous technology and social-impact ventures, including: Wize, 8200 Impact, Hybrid and P.I.E Challenge. Guy is also the Creator & Co-Host of Od Podcast, Israel's Leading Tech Podcast.
Judge portrait
Ilana Soloducho-Kashmir
Pearl Cohen
Ilana Soloducho Kashmir is a Partner in the Hi-Tech Group and Co-Chair of the Latin America and Spain Group at Pearl Cohen’s Tel Aviv office. She has gained valuable experience representing companies in all phases of growth and in a variety of industries and fields, both on their financing, M&A transactions and exits, and on their ongoing business. Ilana brings more than 10 years of experience advising investors and technology companies.
Judge portrait
Yael Ophir
Executive Director
Yael is the executive director of HealthIL, HealthIL is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO), Ministry of Economy, Digital Israel Bureau, Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Health.
With ongoing projects with over 42 Israeli health organizations, over 900 technological companies and 10,000 members as part of HealthIL community, HealthIL is the prominent integrator between healthcare challenge and tech transformation in Israel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this Challenge?
The innovation challenge is sponsored by P&G Ventures.
The goal of the challenge is to identify talented entrepreneurs working on innovations that will improve consumers’ lives, and have the potential to become a billion-dollar brand.
We are looking to connect with the best early stage teams out there.
How can I partner with PGV?
P&G Ventures partners with entrepreneurs, investors and startups to discover and create consumer products, brands, and businesses that solve people’s needs in categories new to P&G.Each P&G ventures partnership is unique, providing funding and access to P&G’s experts, resources, and capabilities to help partners find their best customers, prove their technology, and create their brand.

What does the application process look like?
You will be required to fill our form and submit your application through our platform. After applying, we’ll get back to all applicants with next steps no later than DATE.
Finalists will be required to prepare for the final stage of our competition a 3-min pitch in front of the Challenge’s committee.
Do we need a one-pager or a deck?
Yes, it is highly suggested to add one to your application as it helps us get a sense of how you pitch, think and value your start-up.
Should I apply? Who is your ideal candidate?
We are looking for early stage, consumer-related startups, who are building consumer facing physical products, in the fields of Non-toxic insect solutions, Personal Performance, Balance protection, Women’s Wellness, Enhanced Sleep, Active Aging, and Emerging frontiers. We are looking for pre-seed and seed startups, who raised up to $3M. If you’d like to learn more about our areas of interest, please take a look Here.
What do I get if my team wins?
The winner will receive a $10,000 none-diluted grant and an opportunity to partner with P&G business units and C-Level Executives. All finalists value-propositions’ will be exposed to innovation leaders within P&G and will have the opportunity to engage with the organization.
What’s the catch? Do I have to pay or give something in return to participate?
No, participation is free of charge
How can I apply?  
Please note submissions close at 9/3/2021,
You can Apply here